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Knowing what to consider when examining floor plans can help you design a better home. With this knowledge you can take a more active role in planning the layout of your future house, rather than simply relying on the generic plans of a professional designer. Moreover, you will be better able to personalize your house to your particular tastes.  You have to evaluate how it all fits together, and then be sure it’s right for you.”  The following tips will help you examine floor plans like a professional.

Oftentimes, floor plans will label rooms for purposes envisioned by their designers.  It is important to remember that these room ideas are flexible and don’t have to be followed. Imagine labeled spaces in ways that fit your particular needs.  If you need to use a room labeled a “dining room” as a personal study area, then do it.

Sometimes people joke about feng shui, but positioning and a floor plan’s flow, or maneuverability, are important. Ideally, your house should have a rational order that facilitates easy and efficient movement through it. There should be good reasons for walls and no dead ends. Rooms often used together, like kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, should be easy to reach from one another.  Walls, fireplaces and other impediments to movement should be removed or re positioned.  McAlexander reminds us thathow you move from room to room, and move within a room, matters.”  Two tips for maximizing ease of movement in your future home are to imagine moving through the floor plan and to try to replicate setups that work well in your current house.

Natural lighting greatly impacts how you feel about and view a home. It can affect your mood and comfort level, as well as change your perceptions of a room’s size.  Each room becomes a cave when the sun goes down.”  Therefore, windows and their positioning are very important elements in your home design.  If overlooked, your future dwelling could become a depressing, unpleasant place to be.

Typically, we think only of interior areas when designing our dream home. However, this isn’t wise because outdoor areas can contribute as much to home enjoyment as interiors. Well-designed exterior areas can enhance our indoor visuals and serve as places to entertain family and friends on good weather days.  So, when evaluating a floor plan, it’s important to imagine how you can use an outdoor area and what you have room for in the given space.  Is there room for a large patio for summertime barbecues? Will the backyard be big enough for a swimming pool or yard game area?  How can you best landscape the given area?  Like McAlexander asserts, consider how much exterior space you need, try to incorporate as many good elements from your current home into the plans and make your exterior areas as comfortable as your interior ones.