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The Showflat for The Mountbatten will be available for viewing soon. Please kindly register for the latest updates. We will get back to you the soonest.

When planning to buy a new flat, one of the first things we do is visit a property showroom.  Of course, being passive and simply visiting won’t help you make a better purchasing decision.  You need to actively look for certain details about the properties to gain a better understanding of what they would really be like to live in.  The following are five things you should remember to do when touring model flats.

Always ask for an exact copy of the floor plan.  Knowing the exact layout of the unit you intend to buy is crucial.  It also reduces the chances of disappointment later.  The size of rooms and the way they are designed and arranged are essential to your ease of movement through the flat.

When shopping for a new condo in Singapore, it’s important to consider how the overall unit is positioned.  Is the unit facing a direction that gives good airflow?  Is it blocked by other residential towers or buildings?  Also, since Singapore is near the equator, you should think about how solar heating might affect it.  Residences that face the West tend to heat up more in the afternoons than those facing other directions.  So, if you are bothered by the heat, you need to be mindful of this.

Model flats are designed to give you a general feel for what your new home will look like, but the actual interior of your unit may look different from the model.  This may be due to material availability issues or some other reason.  So, it’s always prudent to specifically ask what your condo’s actual interior and appliances will look like.  Make sure everything is up to your requirements before committing to buy.

The convenience and entertainment options of an area are often strong selling points in a flat sell.  They can often enhance your overall quality of life.  You therefore should find out all you can about neighbourhood facilities and offerings prior to making your purchase.  Examine showroom brochures, dioramas and maps to find out more about local public facilities, as well as recreational and retail options.

Finally, a condo’s price is exceedingly important.  Don’t spend more than a unit is really worth and don’t buy more flat than you can comfortably afford.  This is essential given that, over time, with interest, you will pay much more than the sales price for your new home.  If the price isn’t right, don’t commit. If you have any additional suggestions to add to this list, please post them in the comments section below.